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Welcome to the Dorset Constructorium!

We are a hackerspace that's just getting started in the south-east Dorset area — Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch. If you're in the area and love making stuff, hacking stuff, and talking to like-minded people in pubs, then you've come to the right place!

We are currently at an early stage, holding informal events in a pub and visiting other groups while we search for a permanent place to call home.


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Find Us Online

  • We discuss our next steps on IRC and the Google Group. Please keep lurking, there will be more discussions going on that decide things about projects, about finding a place and about our media coverage.

Pages about us:


Find Us in Real Life

  • Tuesday 8th April, 7pm-late
    Dorset Constructorium's semi-regluar "we haven't got a space yet, let's go to the pub!" meeting at the Goat & Tricycle, Poole Hill, Bournemouth.
  • Wednesday 16th April, 6-9pm
    Bournemouth RepRap User Group meet at the Arts University workshop to play with 3D printers and laser cutters - or just to make them work. Ed wishes to bring his group and the Constructorum closer together in the way we work, so feel free to bring non-3D-print-related projects with you to do. The meetings finish early, so we might hang about at the Conto Lounge in Winton (on Wimborne Road, opposite the Co-op/post office) after 9pm for more socialising, ideas, software things and whatnot.
  • Wednesday 23rd April, 8pm onwards
    DotDorset (aka Dorset Digital) meet at the Goat and Tricycle in West Cliff, Bournemouth. NB: St George's Day. In a pub.
  • Sometime in April: We move to a new space. Hopefully. Cannot be guaranteed yet.
  • Saturday 10th May, 10am onwards
    Barcamp Bournemouth meet annually at Bournemouth University to have a day of digital networking, unscripted seminars, hacking and fun. Barcamp Bournemouth 6 is on its way!

Other nearby events:

  • AdidoSrc is the event as we knew it no more. Something else is, however, in the works.
  • The SoMakeIt hackerspace in Southampton opens Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons
  • The Bournemouth RepRap User Group meet at the AUCB workshop from 6pm-9pm on the second Wednesday of the month
  • The Southampton RepRap User Group meets on Sundays every four weeks, details on the website
  • The Café Scientifique for Bournemouth area meets at Café Boscanova in Boscombe on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Sceptics in the Pub meet on second Wednesday of the month at The Brunswick Pub, 199 Malmesbury Park Rd, Charminster, BH8 8PX. tickets required.
  • Luscombe Valley Railway occasionally holds charity weekends.
  • For those who like mobile app development and believe 'responsive' is more than just a buzzword, the Open Device Lab are, erm, based at Base in Westbourne and open on a bookings-based system.
  • DotDorset (aka Dorset Digital) meet at pubs in Bournemouth, Poole, Wareham and Dorchester on a sort of rotation system basis. They have no fixed time period between meetings, but it is usually once a month or so...
  • HACKBMTH meet at various companies and locations around the area to hold full-day hackfests.
  • Barcamp Bournemouth meet annually at Bournemouth University to have a whole weekend of digital networking, unscripted seminars, hacking and fun.
  • Robogals (Southampton Chapter) are an organisation aimed at promoting interest in electronics, programming and engineering type skills among those of the feminine variety. Currently mostly aimed at children, the organisation is looking to expand both its reach and age range. They frequently visit schools and hold events around South-West Hampshire. They are based at the University of Southampton.
  • Dorset Linux User Group (DorsetLUG) meet irregularly, but appear to be aiming to make it monthly, at The Broadway pub in Strouden & Muscliffe area, Bournemouth.
  • Meetdraw hold ridiculously popular and crowded somewhat science and technology related pub events for hacking types, students and local businesses to turn up at. A recent event at the Libertine in Westbourne, Bournemouth was renamed 'The Labertine' and included the Open Device Lab across the road at Base. Other Meetdraw events are being advertised around.
  • The Open Device Lab are based at Base, which is in Westbourne, Bournemouth. They have a smorgasbord of mobile gadgets, most of those courtesy of WDS, for budding devs to get their mitts on. If you want to make an app, get yourself down to the ODL. Please contact them to book your visit (see website link).




In the Hackerspace spirit, we aim to be an organisation with minimal leadership. However, the need to manage leases, finances and so on require us to have some named "responsible" people! They are currently:

  • President: Dan Davies
  • Treasurer: Tarik
  • Secretary: Ian Renton


Our Constitution has now been finalised. Members can propose a change if they feel it needs updating.


Bitfolk2.png Many thanks to BitFolk for providing our web hosting!

Information for Members

  • This wiki is editable by registered users. Sign in and tidy it up, make pages for your own projects, etc.
  • If you want an mail address (forwarding only for the moment) or a shell account on our VPS, talk to Ian (ianr on IRC, or mail me)
  • We can run other stuff on this VPS if we like, so long as we don't abuse resources. Let Ian know what you want to run.